US Polo Blazer, US Polo Association Men’s Slim Blaze


US Polo Blazer, US Polo Association Men's Slim Blaze

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US Polo Association Men’s Slim Blazer

I just completed my engineering, and it was just a send off function and we all plan to wear blazer of grey color, actually I have 5 more blazers but of different colors.

Everyone from our college wanted to look handsome and same thing with me, I just browse full night just reading the reviews of different brands, and finally I selected us polo blazer.

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The reason is simple, I have some my own constructed rules such as the blazer should be from the best brand, the best quality, affordable, fit well, I should appear just outstanding among the crowd.

Since next year I going to get to job and I have to wear such outstanding dress many times hence I have to select the best branded blazer.

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I just liked the look of us polo blazer, I can say love with first sight, but it was not so easy I thought to select a perfect blazer for the function, but once I just start browsing us polo assn brand product then it become absolutely easy.

Instead of buying one I bought 2 blazer because it was coming under my range, and the day approached and the us polo blazer arrived, I was so exited that I did not take my lunch I just jump and went to my room and open the packing and as expected this blazer was just excellent, I don’t know how to explain here but I started jumping and dancing with happiness.

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The next day I wear it to the function and as expected everyone’s eyes just moving around me, everyone said this looks very costly then I did not tell them the price but with the us polo mark my friend started browsing on their mobile and found the price and started ordering, for my surprise three of my friends ordered the same us polo blazer.

Deep Features

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  • Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only
  • Fit Type: Slim
  • Notched lapel collar
  • Two button closure
  • Long sleeves with buttoned cuffs
  • Multiple pockets

Final words

Never had a dress which as offered me however many commendations as this blazer! I love to wear the us polo blazer independently.

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I generally wear the coat with some light blue jeans, and it looks Spectacular! Any time I wear either dress, the commendations flow constantly in. The material is lightweight and breathable! I’ve strolled in 85+ Farenheit climate, and I was a great deal more agreeable than that load of folks who wore polyester suits. Typically, seersucker has this boxier, sacksuit look to it, however this one was custom fitted very well, and it’s anything but a decent current fitting to it. I enthusiastically suggest this suit!

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